Find Your Purpus in 2020

It’s the start of a new year and everyone and their dogs are talking about resolutions. How will you find your Purpus in 2020? We checked in with our line of fresh vodka soda flavours to get the scoop on making the new year count.

Ludicrous Lime Lives It Large

If you stay ready you don’t need to get ready. Capiche?

Ludicrous Lime has the same plan every year. Stay fresh, stay motivated, and stay current. Lime keeps it sharp in 2020 by never missing a workout, always meeting the crew for Happy Hour Fridays, and popping a positive, stylish spin on all of life’s new challenges.

If you’re like Lime, you know that working on yourself is a year-round job. Ring in 2020 by being your best self and never, ever compromise your quality. Stay so fresh, it’s ludicrous.

Prosperous Peach Plans Ahead

Prosperous Peach knows that a good year starts with a good plan.

Peach starts the year by setting goals and dreaming up new ways to be successful, smart, and adventurous in 2020. Planning far-out vacations, setting career goals, and focusing on personal success is the way to stay ahead of the game.

Looking forward, Peach sees a year full of checked boxes, bucket-list wins, and upwards movement to celebrate all of life’s rich moments. Grab a can and get planning!

Guilty Pleasure Rosé Gets It Right

Who says January has to be dry?

Guilty Pleasure Rosé gets it right by getting out and connecting with others in the new year. Don’t get caught in the guilt of December’s overindulgence. Rosé reaches out and you should too.

Make plans and keep them. Follow through on that girls night that you keep putting off. Enjoy your guilty pleasure, whatever that might be. There’s no time like the present, so grab a rosé and get out there!

Strawberry Sunset Sets Her Sights

Summer is a state of mind.

Strawberry Sunset sets her sights on summer days, beachy waves, and far-out fun with friends. Don’t let the dark winter months get you down. Set your sights on a beach vacation and fight the winter slump!

Like a sunset in a can, this flavour is ready to make the most out of the new year. Now, what’s your excuse?

How do you find your Purpus?

Are you a Ludicrous Lime or a Prosperous Peach? Our lineup has its 2020 goals all planned out and we hope you can take notes from each of our flavours this year.

As long as you stay true to yourself, you’ll always bank a win. Make 2020 your best year yet by being yourself and doing it big! 

Don’t forget, however you choose to live, always do it with Purpus 😉

Need a little more Purpus in your life? Contact us today to see how you can add Purpus to your hometown liquor selection.